How to roast Hatch green chile

Learn how to roast New Mexico’s green chile or all chile peppers.

Let’s start by analyzing what we want out of the roast. The primary purpose of roasting is to get the chile out of the skin. Giving the chile a nice flavor and aroma is also important.

It must be able to peel from the end. You will need to heat the chile well to blister it. These blisters represent the crack points of the peel. You can then start to remove it.

Step 1 is high heat. Heat it as hot as possible. This would be your oven’s broiler, a blowtorch, or super hot pan. 

The chile should be kept on the high heat for around 3-4 mins. However, it is important to pay attention as you cook the chile. It will burn if the chile is heated too long. You can blacken the chile up to half a side. Any more and it will burn.

Flip it and do so again on the other side. There are some chiles that have more than two sides. Simply flip it over and do the same on every side. After the sides have become blackened, you can remove the peel with a running tap. To loosen the peeled skin, you can give it a dip in cold water. A rapid temperature change can help to separate the peel further.

If you are lucky enough to be in Albuquerque, get your Hatch green chile roasted in 2022 at Farmers Chile Market at 2010 Eubank Blvd NE, 87112. They can roast up a lot of chile for you and save a lot of time. If you aren’t as fortunate, I hope this guide serves you well.


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